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Get to Know Us


Betterment Works

Betterment Works is a playful professional development company on a mission to strengthen businesses and teams by helping people feel, connect, and do better at work. 


We break down complex ideas into accessible frameworks and practices that meet teams where they're at and empower them with the information, skills, and tools to get where they want to be. We use play because it’s highly engaging and promotes authentic connection. In that environment, we can embrace "hard" practices to build soft skills and we are going to have a lot of fun doing it. Because happy people do better work. 


Lauren and Maddy met in 2014 at a nationwide education company where they consistently found themselves stepping up to build new initiatives, have a stronger impact, and just make things better. While their entrepreneurial relationship only began in 2021, both have had a lifelong passion for learning & development and dedication to betterment for all for as long as they can remember. Combining their experience in the classroom with their backgrounds in project management, data, and community organizing, Lauren and Maddy engage clients on every level and invite participants to develop a holistic understanding of complicated subjects. Our team has worked nationally for over 10 years, leading remote and in-person training, workshops, leadership coaching, and team-building events.

Every person, every team, and every organization can be better... and we're excited to work for that with you!

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Our Values

values - betterment.png

The process of improvement and the fundamental belief that anyone and everyone can be better.

values - understanding.png

The ability to comprehend through data, science, and primary sources. The sympathetic awareness of people's lived experiences.

values - support.png

To uphold, assist, or uplift one another. Ask for, offer, and receive support often and always.


Maddy Gabor

Maddy is an impact-obsessed, life-long learner with a passion for leadership, data, and play.  As a neurodivergent executive, she is well-versed in the struggles of focus, productivity, time management, and leadership; and her facilitation and content are informed by that experience. Driven by a dedication to understanding and an unending belief in human betterment, Maddy envisions more empowering, engaging, and compassionate workplaces for all. Using play and analytics as the tools and her values as the compass, she pursues this vision relentlessly.



  • Odd job once held: Beer Events Coordinator

    Education & Certifications: 

    • Executive Certification, Data Analytics, Wharton School

    • B.S, Northeastern University, Political Science

    • Furniture Making, Chicago School of Woodworking

    • Leadership South Shore Class of 23/24

    Fun Facts: Maddy is a big music nerd — from Beethoven to Beyonce, live concerts to vinyl — she loves it all. She cannot get enough books in her life and when she has free time, she likes to spend it exploring National Parks. Maddy's truly terrible at sports- if her life depended on hitting a ball with some kind of stick or bat or club, she would be in BIG trouble.


Lauren Yee

Lauren is a natural cultivator of community and a process-driven problem solver, who has been managing people, projects, and clients since 2005. A Californian from the beginning, she has lived and worked in a number of places around the large state and currently resides in Oakland. Finding and creating tangible ways to help individuals, improve ideas, and streamline processes and events is what energizes her. She believes that consistency and connections are the greatest drivers of great things.


  • Odd job once held: Fire Risk Assessment Intern

  • Education & Certifications:

    • B.A. in Design & minor in Psychology, University of California, Davis

    • Preventing Workplace Harassment certification, Emtrain

  • Fun Facts: Lauren was both a member and leader of her University's Polynesian Club where they learned about culture, choreographed dances, made costumes, and put on an annual luau (food and everything). She loves creating with her hands... cooking, crafts, playing piano, painting, you name it! She enjoys movies, but doesn't always get around to seeing them. She has seen very few "classics", and asking her to name the different superheroes in Avengers End Game is probably a lost cause.

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